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Support Program for Father's, Mother's and Family of Angels

Support in the healing process of fathers, mothers and relatives who have suffered losses from their loved ones .

Puerto Rico in Crisis: A Race Against Time to Evacuate the Infirm

Elderly and ill evacuees from Puerto Rico arrive at Opa Locka Executive Airport in Miami. Their evacuation was coordinated by Fundacion Stefano. NBC News Article.

Help to patients of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Zorimar Betancourt works tirelessly to get planes that can take people from Puerto Rico after Hurricane María. Their priority is the sick and has already managed to get around 30 people. SHe does everything for her son Stefano.

La Espera

The life after death is what is achieved through organ donation. That was the example Stefano left us when he registered as a donor when he got his driver's license. In Puerto Rico, about 500 people wait for an organ and each one of us can contribute to giving a life expectancy as did the young Stefano.

Production Company: Burning Films

Director: Ralph Molina

Produced by: Joanys López

Publisher: Gabriel Robles

Director of Photography: Emmanuel González

Sound and Graphics: Alexander Jiménez

Assistant Director: José Muñiz

Executive Producer: Profa. María Teresa Previdi

Translation and Subtitles: Kerlie D. Tollinchi Santiago

*Spanish Audio with English Subtitles*

Art designed by an angel

Our  mission is to educate on organ donation, recruit donors and support families of donors and recipients. (video in Spanish)

Chris Klug Foundation: Stefano Steenbakkers Betancourt

It is an honor for #LaMamáDeStefano to be part of Chris Klug Foundation donor family stories ❤️

He devotes his life to save the lives of Puerto Ricans

Doctor Juan Del Rio, clinical director of Centro de Transplante del Hospital Auxilio Mutuo.

Puerto Rico is the fourth country in the world with more organ donors

During 2015 318 bodies recovered on the island were transplanted and so far in 2016 the figure already totals 207.

Stefano's mom promotes organ donation with a music festival

News Article posted in Puertorrican Newspaper Metro. (note: the article is written in Spanish)

"Tu Latir" by Hermes Croatto, inspired on Stefano Steenbakkers


Exclusive Interview from Univisión: "Camilo Valencia, in search of a heart"

Meet Camilo, Stefano's heart recipient and experience the first meeting between Stefano's mom and sister as they feel Stefano's heartbeat for the first time since his passing.**It is in spanish.


Interview from Telemundo: Stefano's Mother Knows Who Has Her Son's Lung

We are here on "Día a Día" with Zorimar Betancourt, whose son Stefano was killed during an attempted carjacking in Dorado, to present us to the person who received her son's lung. **It is in Spanish


Mother of Murdered Teen Meets Staten Island Woman Who Received His Lung

An emotional meeting was held Friday between the mother of a son who was killed, and a woman who received a new lung because her son's organs were donated. (Click on the picture to watch the video and read more about this meeting). 

Camilo Valencia, Stefano's Heart Recipient, Composes Song in His Memory: "One Heart At A Time"

Three years ago to the day, a brilliant young man who wanted to change the world, "one heart at a time," was killed during a carjack, in plain daylight on a highway of the island paradise Puerto Rico. This tragic event changed the course of many lives. Ironically and literally giving life to five strangers

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